WGAR Country Jam
August 18, 2018

Battle of the Jam


Congratulations to Wreck'n - this year's Battle for the Jam Winner!
Wreck'n will be playing in the Saloon throughout the day!

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Wreckn Band.jpg

Wreck’n prides themselves in the high entertainment value of their shows.  Pulling in a mixture of the combined genres, subtle stage effects, and crowd pleasing entertainment is what keeps their fans coming back for more.  Lead vocalist, Mike Masterson, fronts this high energy, modern country-rock band with Bob Mason on bass guitar and vocals; Tim Reddy on lead guitar, rhythm, and vocals; Jeff Jaeger on drums and vocals; and Dave Rudolph on lead guitar, rhythm, and vocals.  Together, this group has over 100 years of music experience. 

Wreck’n made their debut in 2016, with their main focus of playing today’s top 40 in country music with a mixture of classic country and rock-n-roll.  They have held true to their focus, continuing to add new music to their set list almost weekly, guaranteeing their followers will be kept on their feet.  Wreck’n plays at multiple venues all over Northeast Ohio, including the WGAR Browns Tailgate parties at Tequila Ranch.  Also playing local charity events, such as Cleveland Country Charities and Rock-N-Roll Circus in Mentor, Ohio.  All of these venues, with a combination of their hard work, led them to Thirsty Cowboys and WGAR’s Battle for the Jam where they gave their all, and in the end, won!

The group of men that forms the band Wreck’n, have become more than just band mates over the past two years, and pride themselves in considering one another family.  They believe that being family has not only brought them closer as a band, but is also evident in their stage presence.  Playing in the band is not a job to them it’s more like a night out full of fun and laughter.  They bring this energy to the stage, spilling it out into the crowd, getting everyone involved.  From birthdays, to sing-a-longs and line dances, there’s more than enough to get the party started.